Notorious Scarface's Website


Real Name: Matthew Antonio Garcia Rodriguez

Nickname: a.k.a Notorious Scarface

Organization: NSM (Nova Scotia Mafia)

Hometown: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Nationality: Irish, Native & Spanish

Age: 22

Birthdate: August 3, 1981

Weight: 165lbs

Height: 5'8" 1/2

Eyez: Brown

Hairs: Brown

Scars: Left side of left eyez

Tattoos: Mafia-Style Tattoo

Disability: Hearing Impaired

Skillz: Street-Fighting


A Little About Me


Im very fun outgoing person n very well respected. I like to take hot lady out on da date to go nice places (moviez, resturants, parks, mall, bowling area, beaches, n in my room). I likes to do fo fun iz chillin wit my homies, chillin at bars/clubs/parties/beach parties, chattin n spendin tymes wit my future gurlfriend, downloadin mp3 songs fro Kazaa n playin basketball wit my homies.


My Interest & Hobbies


Music: Reggae, Rap, & R&B


Movie Genre: Gangsta, Action, Comedy, & Horror


Rap Artists: 2Pac, 50 Cent & DMX


Place: Boston Pizza & Tim Hortons


Sports: Basketball, Football & Hockey


Fighting Styles: Boxing, Kickboxing & Shoot-Fighting


Cars: Dodge SX 2.0 & Ford Mustang Mach One


Trucks: Dodge Ram SXT 10 & Lincoln Navigator


Favorite Colors: Baby Blue, Black & Red


Favorite Comic Hero: Incredible Hulk


List of My Interest In Gurl



Have Ghetto Booty

Her Age: 18 26

Her Weight 95lbs 128lbs

Her Height 50 60

Iz Sexual Experienced






Good Sense Of Humor

Likes Cuddling

Likes R&B

Likes Rap Music

Likes Reggae Music

Like Dancing



Down To Earth




Thug Loving


Her Nationality: Mixed

Her Eyez: Brown/Blue/Hazel/Green

Her Hairs: Brown/Black/Blonde/Red

 Gangsta Luvin'


If u r my interests, please contact me & get in touch wit me on msn messenger: